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Includes Our Basic Touch-Up Service PLUS:

Fast Pass - Tire Shine

Includes Our Wheel Blaster Service PLUS:

Fast Pass - Body Shine

Includes Our Wheels Tire Shine Service PLUS:

Fast Pass - Lava Luster

Our Premiere Service Includes Body Shine PLUS:

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Our Fast Pass systems use either Licence Plate Recognition or RFID tags* to instantly match your vehicle to the Fast Pass Plan you are subscribed to.
Drive up, Drive in, Wash, Done!

Rinse. Repeat (as often as you like in the month!)

*RFID tags are to be picked up at your local Quick N Clean

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Arizona - Location

Gold Canyon, Arizona

6987 US-60, Gold Canyon, AZ 85118

Hours: 8AM-6PM

Phone Number:

Quick N Clean Car Wash - Contact Number 480-707-3531

704 Thornton Rd, Houston, TX 77018

Houston, Texas

704 Thornton Rd, Houston, TX 77018

Hours: 8AM-7PM

Phone Number:

Quick N Clean Car Wash - Contact Number 480-707-3531

Yes. If you keep your car clean, you can typically negotiate $300 to $500 more in value according to Visual Valuation Manager, Alec Gutierrez from Kelly Blue Book. A Mid-Range Car can be increased to $2000 or more, when selling privately and making small repairs, says Lauren Fix, Auto Expert & Spokeswomen for the Car Care Council States.

Yes. It will weaken the paint because it acts like sandpaper, wearing it down over time. Dirt mixed with rain and pollutants will etch the paint right off. Bird droppings and sap can ruin the paint if not removed in a timely manner. Paint protects your car. If the paint brakes down, it will not protect the vehicle. If you leave these cracks, scratches and chips, it exposes the body to moisture, which will lead to rust, and corrosion, and will spread. Only use specially designed detergents to clean & protect. Household detergents could damage the paint on your car.

Yes. Our Carnauba Hot Wax is specially formulated for paint, steel & glass. Waxing creates a barrier between the paint and the environment. It defends against damage from sap, bird droppings, pollutants and Insects, and extends the life of the paint on your car.

Yes! We have an online system for you to cancel at any time. No refund is payable, but your Fast Pass will continue to function to the end of your month.

Yes. Use the link in our site to add a new card to your Fast Pass plan.

Yes. However we are environmentally aware and recommend you use it only when needed!

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